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Do you need help arranging a funeral in Gothenburg? Our experienced funeral home is here to help you arrange a memorable, beautiful farewell.

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We provide guidance in all aspects of the funeral and answer any questions that arise.

How much does a funeral cost?

A funeral can be designed freely according to your wishes to be both a beautiful and personal farewell.

International transport

We have extensive experience in international transport of the deceased and will help you with both the transport and the required administration.


A selection of our most common funeral products.


In fact, in case of death, a casket is necessary to properly care for the dead.

Begravning blommor


The flowers provided by the floral department are the only choice of final farewell.



We offer a wide range of beautiful, personalized headstones.

Choose a ready-made package or customise yourself

In our online booking you can find a detailed description of what is included. You can choose from three different funeral options or customise the content to your liking.

Simple funeral

15990 Kr

Classic funeral

19990 Kr

Direct cremation

6990 Kr

Do you have funeral questions?

We will help you with how to proceed and answer your questions.


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