How much does a funeral cost?

As a funeral can look different depending on your wishes, the price can vary. Using our price list, you can estimate the cost of a funeral with your preferences before booking an appointment with one of our funeral advisors.

Choose a ready-made package or customise yourself

In our online booking you can find a detailed description of what is included. You can choose from three different funeral options or customise the content to your liking.

Simple funeral

Classic funeral

Direct cremation

How much does a funeral cost?

Family members decide what a funeral should cost and there is no right or wrong in how big or lavish it should be. The funeral costs are paid by the deceased’s estate and it is important to take into account the wishes of the deceased.

Yonan Funeral Home will help you plan according to your wishes and circumstances.

A funeral in Sweden costs between 9,000 SEK and 25,000 SEK, but this can vary depending on specific wishes. Other costs such as advertising, gravestone

Direct cremation is an option for those who do not want a funeral ceremony. The coffin is cremated immediately and then buried in a memorial grove. There may be additional costs for the headstone, grave or urn.

Regardless of where a person dies, it is the health service or the municipality that has the ultimate responsibility for getting the person ready and taking them to a morgue. If you wish to see the deceased, this is usually possible, either at the time of death or with the help of the funeral home to arrange a viewing for the next of kin.

The majority of funeral homes are flexible and offer a wide range of services and products for a funeral. However, it is important to remember that the price of a funeral can vary significantly between agencies. Therefore, it is wise to compare different options to find the most suitable funeral home.

An online funeral home like Yonan’s Funeral Home does not have as high costs for staff, premises and offices. Therefore, we can offer lower prices for the same services and products as a traditional funeral home.

Yonan Funeral Home is an agency that offers relatives a comprehensive service to loved ones of the deceased on how to arrange a funeral. We have physical offices in Gothenburg, offering more affordable than other funeral providers. Despite this, we never compromise on quality. We are also available 7 days a week on the phone for any questions. We always put good service and care for our customers first.



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