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Grief makes it difficult to make essential choices in many areas of life. We use our knowledge and understanding to brighten up a difficult circumstance and give you a happy and truly memorable funeral service.

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Yonan Funeral Home provides compassionate and professional funeral services to families throughout the communityWe are proud to offer a variety of funeral options, including traditional and green burials, cremation services, and memorial services.

Our team of experienced professionals will help you create a meaningful and memorable service for your loved one. We understand the importance of honoring your loved one’s life and legacy, and we are here to help you through this difficult time.

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Losing a loved one is one of life’s most emotional experiences. Because we have experience in organising funerals, we know that most people find it challenging to organise their first one.

Regardless of where a person dies, it is the health service or the municipality that has the ultimate responsibility for getting the person ready and taking them to a morgue. If you wish to see the deceased, this is usually possible, either at the time of death or with the help of the funeral home to arrange a viewing for the next of kin.

According to the law, burial or cremation must take place within one month of the date of death. To avoid stress, it is advisable to contact the funeral home a few days after the death to make an appointment. We can see you quickly after contact and you are welcome to bring family or friends to the visit.

Usually funeral costs are paid from the estate, but sometimes there is money set aside in insurance policies. If the deceased has no assets, you can apply for funeral assistance from the municipality. It is important to prioritise funeral expenses and to wait for other payments, as the deceased deserves a dignified burial. Contact a funeral advisor for more information.

Before the meeting, you will need to contact a funeral advisor and provide the name and social security number of the deceased. If you have a preference for the date and location of the ceremony, please let them know so that they can check availability. During the meeting itself, many decisions are made for the funeral ceremony to ensure that the funeral is personal and memorable.

The deceased may have expressed their wishes about their funeral, possibly through a text in a life archive or by having discussed it with you in the past. Follow these wishes as far as possible.

Regardless of whether the burial is according to the order of the Church of Sweden, the order of another faith community or a civil burial. Your funeral advisor can help you plan. They will book the venue, priest, officiant and more according to your wishes to ensure that the ceremony is exactly the way you want it.

A funeral according to the Church of Sweden follows a certain order. It is usually possible to supplement the funeral service with additional singing or music. This is done in consultation with the priest

The funeral ceremony follows different arrangements depending on the denomination and may be supplemented by song and music. Sweden has a cultural diversity that leads to varied traditions, which makes the ceremonies unique. Our counsellors are experienced in assisting with funerals for all faith communities.

A civil funeral can be designed freely and usually includes music, memorial speeches, poems and music. A relative or friend can perform the ceremony, or you can hire a civil officiant. Yonan Funeral Home has trained officiants who can conduct the ceremony to your wishes.

A burial involves lowering the coffin containing the deceased into a grave. The pallbearers who lower the coffin into the grave may be family, friends or work colleagues, and Yonan Funeral Home has its own team of pallbearers should the need arise. In a cremation burial, the body of the deceased is burned and the ashes are buried instead. It is also possible that an urn act is performed as a funeral ceremony after cremation and an urn is used instead of a coffin.

Whatever the funeral ceremony, a coffin is required for the deceased. We have coffins in different price ranges and looks. Cremated remains are placed in urns and Yonan Funeral Home offers a wide selection of urns to choose from.

Flowers can set the mood at a funeral. For example, you can choose a floral decoration on the coffin or a floral heart in front of it. Our florists will help you with an endless variety of flower arrangements. The order is made at the meeting with the funeral advisor. We transport the flowers to the funeral free of charge and arrange them before the ceremony.

After a funeral, it can be nice to gather for a memorial service with some form of refreshment. It can be in a restaurant, parish hall, at home or in another suitable place. There are various options for food and drink, from coffee and cake to a full dinner. The funeral counsellor can help you book the venue and refreshments and take registrations from those who will be attending the memorial service.

It can be hard to accept that life has left a person who was once so alive. Seeing and touching the deceased can help to validate the grief. It may be useful to see the deceased in the coffin and possibly lay down a memorial token. You can take photographs and gather the closest people for a personal farewell around the coffin. A funeral counsellor can help arrange the farewell and a member of staff will meet you for it.

Burial means placing the coffin or urn in a grave. The choice between burial or cremation affects the way the grave is laid. Graves and burial chambers are common for coffins, while urn graves, urn chambers and ash pits are used for cremations. Ash can also be spread in nature or over water with a permit. Memorial groves are also common to honour the deceased without marking a specific place.



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The deceased may have left behind specific wishes for their funeral. You may want to put them in writing or have someone else do them for you.

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